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  Saint Jude Novena

Saint Jude Novena

Saint Jude was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus who lived in the first century. Saint Jude is the Patron Saint of lost causes and his Feast Day is celebrated each year on October 28th.

Saint Jude should not be confused with Judas Iscariot, the individual who betrayed Christ to the Romans.

In a vision, Saint Bridget of Sweden was told by Jesus to turn to Saint Jude with faith and confidence. He told her that Saint Jude "will show himself to be the most willing to give you help."

Since that time, millions of people throughout the world have recited novena prayers to Saint Jude.

People Pray Novenas To Saint Jude For:

Desperate Situations
Extreme Need
Good Health
Financial Help
Physical Healing
Marital Problems
Relationship Problems

How to Pray a 9 Day Saint Jude Novena

Traditionally, the month of October is "rosary month" in the Catholic Church. During this month, the faithful are encouraged to pray the rosary and novenas as often as possible. Use the link below to get your copy of this beautiful Saint Jude Novena CD and pray a novena for your special intentions in your car, while traveling, during exercise workouts, or in the comfort of your home.

Saint Jude Novena Rosary CD - This Beautiful Saint Jude Novena Prayer CD includes St Jude Novenas for Healing, Employment, Relationship Problems, Addiction, Financial Help, and More. With this CD, you will learn... What is a Novena, How To Pray an 18 Day Novena, Numerous Novena Prayers, Prayers of Intention, and how to say a Prayer of Thanksgiving.
Saint Jude Novena Rosary On CD

Using this beautiful Saint Jude Novena CD, you will learn...
* What is a Novena
* How To Pray a 9 Day Novena
* How To Pray an 18 Day Novena
* How To Pray a 27 Day Novena
* Prayers of Intention
* Prayers of Thanksgiving
* Pray along with the Novena Prayers for to Attain Good Health, get that great job, Receive Financial Help, for Physical Healing, and much more.

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